Repair centre

To be able to guarantee a product you can enjoy for many years to come, great service departments are absolutely critical.

No matter how well you care for it, products will wear over time. You can be unlucky and damage it, or wish to make alterations to customize it to fit your special needs or preferences.

In a time where we throw away too much, we want to encourage long-term use. We know that a high quality tent is an investment, and in regards to both the environment and your wallet, we want you to know that we’re here to help if and when you need it.

Our service departments have employees with more than 30 years of experience in producing and repairing Helsport products. In other words someone you can trust will return your product as “good as new” if something happens to it.

On you can also find guides on how to make smaller repairs at home.

If you have any questions, need service, repairs or alterations made on your product, please do not hesitate to contact one of our service departments:


Helsport Service Form

Helsport develop and produce products of the highest quality and have a 5 year warranty on all materials and components. If you experience an issue with your product that should be covered by this warranty, please fill out our service form and send it to [email protected] Our service department will get back to you as soon as possible with information on how we can help.

If it is not a warranty case, but you want to send a product to us for repair or modification requests, fill out the same form and send it to Outdoor Service Team togheter with your product.

Our service form will help us proviede you the best service faster and more efficient, so thank you for using it!




For repairs or service inquiries, contact one of our service departments. For any other questions regarding products etc. please contact [email protected] 


Ten Hoope Recreatie

Holtmark 1-a

NL-7217 PP Harfsen


Tlf: +31 573 432620

Telefax: +31 573 432621

E-mail: [email protected]




Mail: [email protected]


Phone: + 47 72 87 83 00


Repair prices



Skifte glidelås på ytter - eller innertelt

475,- (per glidelås)

Skifte av bunn i innertelt (Når bunnen i teltet ikke lenger føles tett, og har blitt slitt og gammel, kan den skiftes)


Sy på ekstra lufteventil på yttertelt


Sy på skorstein på yttertelt


Sy på stormmatter


Sy på stormmatter på de største family teltene